If you are at risk of falling behind on your mortgage or if your mortgage payment is making it difficult for you to keep up with the rest of your bills, do not despair. There is no need to sell your house or make any other drastic changes. With the arrival of mortgage workout plans, comes the opportunity for loan modifications and mortgage terms that better fit your situation.

San Diego Loan Modification Lawyers

At the Bankruptcy Legal Group, our San Diego loan modification attorneys have been helping people throughout the South Bay find solutions to their financial challenges since the day we opened our doors. Our loan modification lawyers in San Diego have combined experience of over 30 years in California bankruptcy law and we can help you.

Easing Your Burden through Loan Modification

When our San Diego loan modification lawyers represent clients in a loan modification, we first work with you to gather all the necessary information to request a loan modification and prepare all the required paperwork. Next, we will negotiate with your lender and attempt to modify your first and second mortgages to a level that works with your current budget and circumstances. Our loan modification attorneys in San Diego work hard on your behalf to reduce your interest rate, your principle or both.

You can count on us to do everything we can to reach a favorable outcome in our negotiations with your lender. We are also able to help you with other alternatives including debt consolidation or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy depending on the solution that best fits your particular situation.

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